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  My name is Addie "Morris" Morrissey and I am the County
  Coordinator for San Juan county. Although I do not live
  in Colorado, I have strong family ties to Colorado.
  I will provide you with as much information as I can about 
  San Juan County. San Juan County was formed in 1876 and is 
  located on a map at section C2. The territory in which it was 
  organized was La Plata County.


Addresses for San Juan County

San Juan County Court House
PO Box 466
Silverton, Colorado 81433-0466
(303) 387-5671

Silverton Standard Newspaper
1257 Greene
Silverton, Colorado 81433-0466

Links for San Juan County

Vital Records

USGenWeb Colorado Archives

Colorado State Archives

Colorado Genealogical Society

Civilian Draft Regeristration 1917-1918 (make page for data on floppy)

1872 County Map of Colorado

Welcome to Silverton - Heart of the High Country

History of the Silverton Area

San Juan County Historical Society

Ghost Towns in the Heart of the High Country

Fun Facts about Silverton and San Juan County

Graphic's by Addie Morrissey
Page created 6 May 1998